F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions 

About Us

L.S Valeting is a one man with over 13 years experience  Working for various car dealerships and mobile valeting companies, setting up my own company was inevitable and has proved highly succesful, with many corporate and private clients now on my books


Our vans are fully equipped with everything needed to make your car gleam; from top quality cleaning products to 700ltr water tanks on board so we can get the job done with minimal disruption, wherever and whenever is suitable for you. We also have fully comprehensive motor trade insurance & £1 million public liability insurance, for your added peace of mind!


For further information or to make a booking fill in your details below or call  07985611793.


Q: What happens if it’s raining ?


A: We can still valet in the rain but we are unable to cary out any hand polishing, detailing or paint guards so we may need to reschedule the appointment at your convenience.


Q: My cars paint is dull & faded can you restore it to its original colour ?  


A: Yes we can with a detailed polish  see car services.


Q: How can I protect my car from the winter weather, salt & mud off the road ?


A: We offer a full car protection service for your car with by far the best protective sealer on the market, Silver seal total car protection for the exterior & interior. Guaranteed by Autosmart International and each car gets a certificate which guarantees protection for 3 years. Silver Seal has successfully passed extensive testing in Scandinavia, where the weather plays a huge part in paintwork deterioration. Silver Seal Paint Protector contains Fluorocarbons, a technology originally developed to help protect the exterior of spacecraft.


Q: I have some scratches in my paint work can you do anything about them ?


A: Yes we can take out small scratches with a detailed polish  see car services.


Q:  A bird left a mess on my car & it has marked the paint can you get the marks out ?


A: Yes we can with a detailed polish  see car services.


Q: Do you charge extra to remove dog hair ?


A: Not usually. Our hovers are powerful enough that dog hair is usually sucked straight up however in some cases it gets woven into the material which may involve extra work,. Any extra cost will depend on time spent but we will always discuss it with you before any unexpected work is carried out.


Q: I have a lot of brake dust & tar on my Alloy heels will it come off ?


A: If  treated regularly with our usual chemicals this can be prevented however for build up over a period of time we could restore your alloys with an Extreme alloy wheel & exhaust clean and polish treatment.


Q: Are you environmentally friendly ?


A: We try to be as green as possible by using high presser washers so little water is used & all of the chemicals used are biodegradable & COSH registered.