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Silver Seal Protection & Guard

The condition of a car's paintwork has a direct link to it's value. Silver Seal is a guaranteed protectant for paintwork and upholstery which protects and adds value.


Silver Seal Protection Services


Silver Seal. Total Car protection Service includes the paint work & interior  is protected by Autosmarts Silver Seal Total Car protection witch comes with a Guarantee Certificate, Cost start at £200.00 (we recommend an interior valet and a detailed polish on a used car first).


Silver Seal Paint Protection Service includes wash & wax, silver seal paint protector, tyres & trims blacked, Costs Start at £150.00 (we recommend a detailed polish on a Used car first).


Silver Seal interior Protection Service includes silver seal interior protector, Cost Start at £75.00 (We recommend an interior valet on a used car first).


(Detailed Polishing)

Costs £30.00 Per hour we use different polishes and compounds to remove small scratches, swirls, blemishes & stubborn marks this will also restores dull paint work. We do all polishing by hand so it is better for the car however if we can not do it by hand we do also Carrie a machine polisher with us and this is included in the hourly rate.

How Silver Seal Was It Developed?

Silver Seal is exclusively researched, manufactured, distributed and guaranteed by Autosmart International. Silver Seal was extensively tested in Scandinavia, where the weather plays a huge part in paintwork deterioration. Silver Seal Paint Protector contains Flourocarbons, a technology originally developed to help protect the exterior of spacecraft.


How Is Silver Seal Different?

Independent scientific tests prove that Silver Seal Paint Protector lasts longer that any other product on the market.


Customer Peace Of Mind

Every customer who purchases a Silver Seal application receives an individual certificate, guaranteeing the effectiveness of Silver Seal products for:


3 years if applied to a brand new vehicle OR a vehicle with up to 25,000 miles registered at time of application of Silver Seal

and is less than 5 years old.


2 years if applied to a vehicle less than 5 years old and between 25,000 and 50,000 miles registered at time of application of Silver Seal.


1 year if applied to a vehicle under 5 years old, with over 50,000 miles registered at the time of application of Silver Seal.


Paint Guard before & after pictures